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Dear SilverFast User,. Mark D. Segal, nearing six decades of photographic experience and a contributor to the Luminous-Landscape website especially on. Dear SilverFast User,. to enable a successful and smooth working with SilverFast 8, we would like to point out the numerous tutorial movies and PDF manuals. In the Fall of LaserSoft Imaging A.G. of Kiel, Germany, released Version of SilverFast, its well-known, world-class scanning software.

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Silverfast 8 Ebook

My new book "Scanning Workflows with SilverFast 8, SilverFast HDR Adobe Photoshop Lightroom(r) and Adobe Photoshop(r)" is now published and available. Scanning veteran Mark D Segal has nevertheless confounded expectations with his eBook, “Scanning Workflows with Silverfast 8, Silverfast. Why is SilverFast 8 necessary? Professionals demand highest quality. The Epson top-of-the-line models Perfection V Photo, V Pro and Epson.

I was an invited external tester of beta and pre-release versions. You will find the LaserSoft Imaging announcement and download page here, including free downloads of the Table of Contents, and the introduction to the book and guidance on chosing between the three versions of SilverFast: Scanning Workflows with SilverFast Between the time the book was published and last August, LSI added features to SilverFast 8 which we considered worthy of an Up-Date focusing on those new features. This Up-Date is now available as a free download for all customers who bought the book, and indeed for anyone else interested in seeing what it's about; you may be interested in its parent book. But there is no obligation to download anything and you won't be asked. You may download the Up-Date supplement here: SilverFast 8 Book Up-Date 1. You will find comments from users of the book on the Testimonials page. No promises, but I intend to post articles here on various scanning solutions to challenging images as I work on them. I also provide one-on-one instruction on the use of SilverFast either in person here in Toronto, or over the Internet. More information on instruction is provided here. Return to Home Page.

Help! I am in Silverfast 8 hell

I've tested the Vuscan sample and it looks good. Is it any better than Silverfast? I am so glad that my Konica-Minolta scanner revived.

Nothing can beat it. It'll work with any and all scanners down the road. Very logical interface, well thought out. None of the little goofy icons Silverfast is so fond of. My only caveat: Vuescan's infrared cleaning isn't so hot, at least the last time I used it. For what they charge for Silverfast run do not walk over to Vuescan.

I gave up on Silverfast long ago. I agree with others Vuescan Pro does a much better job for me, is easier to work with, costs less, and instructions are almost understandable. SCL , Jun 4, Thanks everyone. I a going for Vuscan pronto. Yes, me too for the benefits of Vuescan, although be aware that it, too, has a steep learning curve when you get beyond the basics.

JDMvW , Jun 4, Silverfast is out of the question as serious software from the moment that you are stuck with its problems and the best you can do is periodically shell out hundreds of dollars for a next major version in the hope that it will solve them.

It won't, it never has. Besides the bugs, the UI is unbearable. Vuescan's UI is crude but dependable. Silverfast's support has never helped me to solve any problem. Vuescan's support is one terse guy, but he withers solves your problem or tells you right away why not. I prefer his "I won't cater to everything" attitude than Lasersoft's "pay up some hundred bucks more, which ought to be peanuts if you have any breeding, so we can continue not solving anything".

Obviously, sometimes I'll fire up Silverfast just to see if I can get a better image. Sometimes it works. Both applications are crude.

The difference is that Vuescan is crude because it's raw, made for control, inexpensive and constantly updated, whereas Silverfast is a house of cards, with a curious mixture of dumbeddownness and arcaneness, and the feature or fix you need is always either not there or only available in a different edition from the one you've just spent half your income on.

Help! I am in Silverfast 8 hell | Photography Forums

And the horror: Good grief, couldn't they take a look at what those others are doing?? Alex, before you shell out more money, this may help: With that power comes complexity you may want to master.

Silverfast is a powerful app but it is also a poorly written and over priced app. I started using it in and have payed for 3 licenses and regret every one of them. I do still occasionally use Silverfast but only after using Vuescan and being unhappy with it.

Is it for real, the suggestion to drop yet more money on a book on how to use a program that should need no book in order to be used? Such books are usually nice because they explain to you the reasons behind using this or that option - but that's not what we're talking about here.

We're talking about being able to use a piece of software. The reason people can't use it isn't because they don't know the lore of scanning film. It's rather because the program doesn't let them tell it to do what they want it to do. In this regard, Vuescan could be a lot better documented too.

Oh, there's a book for Vuescan as well. Unfortunately, with either program, there's options nobody knows for certain what they do, though people can make educated guesses which often turn out to be wrong, and little way to find out from support either - support will often just repeat what you already know. Well I'd say you should trial Vuescan first, then decide if you like it or not. Some people are just turned off by it and rather prefer Silverfast.

Either way downloading the book for whatever you decide will help, but there are a lot of people who make do without it. Good friends, thank you for all the feedback. I bought Vuscan and have been enjoying it. Now that I have it, I need not feel desperate when learning how to utilize Silverfast 8. I am not going to throw any money at Silverfast, which came bundled with my scanner, but will learn to use it with its limitations.

Anyway, I am no longer in hell. I am glad my Konica Minolta dedicated scanner is doing okay, as is my old Mac laptop. The KM is brilliant.

Questions About the Scan Software SilverFast

Thanks again. Just a note: There are repair services, there is at least RC in Germany I have no experience with them, but they do exist. I say don't give up because you won't find a comparable replacement. The Plustek would be it if only Plustek would sort out the problems, but I'm pessimistic because this is a very small market and few will understand, let alone be willing to pay, for the advantages of such a scanner.

I'm all for downloading books that deal with technical aspects of doing things. But that's a lot different from having to download a book in order to make sense of a something, in this case a computer program, that's not well built and doesn't even have the excuse of being cheap.

Yes, it is able to o a lot of things, but that doesn't mean the user is able to make it do what is needed for a number of reasons, not the least of which bugs. Dear Alex, iSRD is a powerful tool and for most customers, it works very well. It's normal to have the button frozen in WorkflowPilot mode. It will unfreeze, once iSRD is the next tool to be adjusted depending on your selected workflow. At least I did a few years ago. Talk with Kitten in sales.

It takes me 7 hours to batch scan 1 carousel of slides. Takes another 14 hours to develop them in HDR. For the benefit of those who may be prone to misunderstanding when it comes to SilverFast workflows, let's review a few facts about these procedures: a Whether you scan in regular SilverFast Ai 8 48 bit format or you use SilverFast HDR 48 bit format, your end result is a rendered pixel-based file that has the same pixel dimensions. Neither is a raw file in the meaning the industry gives to "raw file" from digital cameras.

The differences between an Ai8 format scan and an HDR format scan are that the latter is: a in linear gamma versus any other gamma you set, default is 2.

Help! I am in Silverfast 8 hell

Adobe RGB98 , c no pre-scan tone and colour editing permitted versus any editing permitted. This excludes editing in both workflows.


Editing can take any amount of time depending on what you need to do with the photo.